A Unique Fixer Upper Opportunity

Brandon Morin, Age 16

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I'm a student at a technical school. I'm taking up electronics. My teacher recently brought in a bunch of old broken electronics. I looked through them and saw what I thought was a normal VCR. my teacher said that if I could fix it I could have it. He had an odd smirk on his face. I started to work on it and when I went to put in a tape it didn't fit. I smacked my self in the head. BETA! After two days I tok the whole thing apart, fixed a bunch of wires, and pulled part of a x-mass tree out of it. Finally it was working. I had to look for days until I found a tape to actually test it. Even though the player is really old the quality turned me into a believer. BETA RULES!!!!!!

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Submitted Sat, 19 Jun 1999 02:19:52 GMT