No Wear After 12 years

Bob Hetsko

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We purchased our Betamax after we got married in 1984. It might have been 1985. Our unit has never "hiccuped". It is bulletproof. I use it almost every night to record Art Bell, and play it back through my 900mhz earphones as I work about the house.

It weighs a ton. My repairman looked over my unit and informed me that a machine of this quality would cost over a thousand dollars, if you could find one. The hi-fi processor is excellent, and I can record CD's for parties and play them back without mai ntenance for hours.

I laugh when I hear my unit is obsolete. Do you know anyone with a 12 year old vhs machine with no signs of wear internally...I think not. I brought this point up to someone that criticised my Macintosh as well. My webmaster is con tinually amazed at the quantity and quality of my contacts on the web. Yet I have a pokey little Performa. What matters most is the use you get and the reliability of your unit.

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Submitted Sun Oct 13 22:07:35 1996