Still Ticking After Nine years

Anthony W. Maw

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Current Beta Machines: SL-HF750

I'd like to say that my trusty old SL-HF750 is still chugging along after almost 9 years of service. Paid a mint for it when I bought it new and it was my prize possession at the time. Had the heads changed on it a few years back because they were getting worn and all I was seeing was snow on the screen no matter what tape I put in. I have a collection of over one hundred pre-recorded and off-the-air, and "dubbed" recordings, so it's not really economical for me to ditch the damn thing even though brand V machines and blank tapes are so cheap now compared to Beta.

P.S. I did an experiment once to test Sony's claim that Beta is better than V. Using a Sony PVM 2530 monitor (25" tube only TV built inside a stackable frame intended for commercial use!) I determined that Beta is sharper than VHS but only with the Hi-fi turned OFF! It turns out that because the AFM hifi signal takes away bandwidth from the video signal, resolution of Beta with Hi-fi is about the same as VHS. It seems Sony wasn't totally honest in their ads in that they didn't mention that Beta is better only with hi-fi turned off.

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Submitted Fri Apr 4 23:59:20 1997