Here is a list from Renaissance Records
e-mail: [email protected] All tapes are in PAL format and prices are in UK Pounds.

If you are interested in purchasing any tapes on this list please contact Renaissance Records directly. Betamax PALsite publishes this info on an 'as is' basis. List last updated 30/1/00. Added to PALsite 13/6/98.

If you have a list you would like included on PALsite then please send us an e-mail.

Band Reunion Concert VFX13 £ 5.00
Beatles The Compleat Beatles UMB10166 £ 6.00
Elvis Costello The Best Of Elvis Costello PVC3009M £ 5.50
Dire Straits Alchemy Live 040269-4 £ 5.50
Dire Straits Brothers In Arms: The Video Singles 041370-4 £ 5.50
Dire Straits Making Movies PEX84030 £ 5.50
Michael Jackson Making Michael Jackson's Thriller MB11000 £ 6.00
Jethro Tull Slipstream CVIMBE1 £ 6.00
John Lennon A Legend 3113/43 £ 6.00
John Lennon Live In New York City MXP991115-4 £ 6.00
Elvis Presley Elvis That's The Way It Is UMB10373 £ 5.00
Elvis Presley On Tour UMB10153 £ 5.00
V/a The Concert For Bangladesh (G.Harrison/Dylan etc) TXD900911-4 £ 6.00
V/a The Last Waltz (Dylan/Band/Clapton/Young/Morrison etc) PEX99354 £ 6.00
V/a The Other Side Of Nashville (Nelson/Rogers/Cash etc) UMB10351 £ 5.00
V/a We Are The World (Bowie/Jagger/Jackson/Dylan etc) MXP991106-4 £ 5.00
Neil Young Berlin Live 041296-4 £ 6.00
Neil Young Rust Never Sleeps VTC1034 £ 6.00